Is CANCER a scary word for you, too? It was for me.

I'll never forget the day I heard the words "You Have Cancer".


It was fear that nearly paralyzed me seven years ago when I heard those words the doctor said so casually "You have cancer." I asked myself how this could happen. Was it caused by a lifestyle that found me overweight, sedentary and eating a lot of the “wrong” foods? Was it my environment? Hair dye? Artificial sweetener? Diet sodas? Or, was the secret to my fate in my genes? After all, my grandmother and her sister died of breast cancer, my cousin had breast cancer at 31, an uncle and an aunt both died of lung cancer. I guess the question really was “Why would I NOT get cancer, too?”.

After dealing with all the treatments including chemotherapy and radiation my oncologist wanted me to have a DNA review to see what she might learn from the results. The trouble was, insurance wasn't going to cover the $4000 test. To try to get it approved, I did have a consultation with a genetic counselor who estimated my likelihood of having any genetic mutations. Based on the history I could give her (with a lot of unknowns), she still couldn’t justify me as a high enough risk for the insurance company to pay for the test. So, there I was – a NED (no evidence of disease) cancer patient. I will remain that for the rest of my life with that nagging question in the back of my head “what if it comes back?” (and they say if it comes back, it’s going to hit four times as hard.) 

But how much of life was left? Was there anything I could do to prevent a recurrence? If there was another instance of cancer, would the doctors know to do anything differently the second time around? These questions can literally DRIVE… YOU… CRAZY. 

So now to the reason for this post. If you could know NOW if you have some genetic mutation that could lead to cancer wouldn't you want to know? For some people, that's just too much. Maybe you are still scared, and you don’t want to know. That’s OK, I understand. So perhaps the better question is: would you want your DOCTOR to know? If your doctor knew what you might be headed for, he or she could help you with diet, exercise, lifestyle recommendations, and predictive tests NOW that could give you your best chance at never developing cancer. It would be like going to a casino KNOWING the odds were always in your favor. 

The good news is that it's entirely possible that YOU may be eligible for the latest, cutting edge DNA testing at $0 cost to you. No blood, just a simple cheek swab done in your home, or your doctor's office - whichever you prefer.

Don’t suffer from not knowing as I did. My friend, I hope you will take advantage of this and fill out the form below to get a no-cost assessment of the medical necessity of testing and your possible insurance coverage to see if you qualify for this life-changing benefit.  A brief email or call and I can tell you if your insurance is participating in the program and if it makes sense for you based on your family's cancer history. Whatever you do, please don’t put this off. 


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